Video analysis #1

Today's video in question from the team is from Payboy. The video is below

The brief

A brief background on this video is that it is a corporate explainer video on Payboy. Payboy is a payroll software company in singapore, and in this video, the brief is they want to highlight the various aspect of their software and how it helps small business owners.

Our team at Saltfilms think it is done really well, especially the fact that the main character is presented as a small business owner. It invites the view to step into the shoes of brandon, the small business owner.

Inclusions of user interface

The modern overlay of how the tool exactly looks like gives the feeling of transparency. Software is hard to showcase without the user personally using it. It is unlike a physical product and thus in videos like this, there has to be scenes that make sense for snippets of the actual user interface to be included.

A showcase of the team

The software team can seem really distant from the customers because unlike a physical business, customers do not get to meet with the people behind the software often.

It is great that they have included a snippet of the friendly team in the video which lends a personality to an otherwise technical product.

That's our analysis on the corporate video, we do not own any right to this video. However, if you would like to have a video produced, please send us an email at

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